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Why Should I sign up for Primary Care membership during open enrollment, March through May?

All memberships expire on May 31st of each year. Memberships received after May 31st,  will not get full-year coverage. Additionally, memberships received outside of open enrollment are subject to a two-week waiting period before benefits become available. Benefits are effective immediately for memberships received during open enrollment.

Can I sign up for membership outside of open enrollment?

Yes. Please note that all memberships expire on May 31 regardless of the date membership begins, so memberships received outside of open enrollment will not receive a full year of coverage. Cost for membership is not pro-rated for shorter memberships. Additionally, memberships received outside of open enrollment are subject to a two-week waiting period.

Does Primary Care membership cover trips outside the 20-mile coverage area?

Membership covers additional costs if a physician signs a medical necessity form and explains the reason for going to a different hospital.

Is the cost of a household Primary Care membership the same regardless of the number of people in the household?

A family membership is for two adults and children under the age of 21.

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How long does it take for Bartlesville Ambulance to respond to a call?

The average response time in Bartlesville is 3-4 minutes. 

How are your ambulances staffed?

There is one paramedic and EMT-Basic on all ambulances. Some ambulances may have two paramedics.

May a family member or friend ride with the patient while being transported?

Our insurance prefers only the patient to be transported. The paramedic on duty can allow one person to ride.

What transportation services are provided by Bartlesville Ambulance?

We provide emergency and non-emergency transports. Wheelchair transportation is also available.

Who Can request a copy of my medical records?

Records can only be released to the patient by showing a picture ID.

When I call for an ambulance, does the fire department come to?

The fire department does respond on calls.

will I be charged by the fire department?

Bartlesville Fire does not charge for services. 

What should I do when I see an ambulance driving with its emergency lights activated?

Required by law, you are to slow down, pull to the right, and stop. If you are on a bridge, clear the bridge and then pull to the right.


What are the requirements to be employed at Bartlesville Ambulance?

All applicants must have an Oklahoma state license as an EMR, EMT, or EMT-Paramedic, a current CPR card, and a good driving record.

Does Bartlesville Ambulance offer benefits and retirement?

Bartlesville Ambulance offers Major Medical, Dental, and Vision insurance for full-time employees. There is a profit-sharing for retirement.

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How is my bill figured?

There is a base rate cost plus mileage on all calls.

Does Bartlesville Ambulance accept payments or do I have to pay everything in full upfront?

Yes, we accept payments. Paying regularly will keep the bill from going to collections.

How are Medicare / Medicaid patients billed?

Medicare and Medicaid patients are automatically billed electronically. Co-payments will be billed to nonmembers.

How much does an ambulance ride cost?

The current charge for emergency transport is $1800.00 plus patient loaded miles. Subject to change at any time.
The current charge for non-emergency transport is $1700.00 plus patient loaded miles. Subject to change at any time.

How much does an ambulance ride cost if you are a member?

There are no charges for covered services. Please see the membership agreement.

If you have to transfer me from Bartlesville to Tulsa, does it cost more?

Yes, the cost would include base rate plus mileage.

What if I have no insurance?

Non-members will be responsible for the full cost. We do accept payments. You will not be turned away for not having insurance.

How much will I be charged if I have no insurance but I have a membership?

Membership covers all medically necessary calls. More detail is in the membership agreement.

Do I get charged if an ambulance is called but I refuse a ride?

Yes, we charge a response fee regardless of who calls. Any response takes an ambulance out of service for at least 30 minutes. 

I have Aflac. If I am a member, do you receive any payment I would be entitled to from Aflac if I’m injured?

No, Aflac does not pay us directly.

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