Primary Care

      ANNOUNCES  “Primary Care” 

All the ambulance service you and your family require, in the entire year for one low payment of $78.00.

  • Membership Drive Begins March 1, 2018
  • Limited Enrollment Period: Membership will not be sold after May 31, 2018 – ENROLL NOW!!

Why Should I Join?

The ambulance industry has changed dramatically in the last ten years. For example, ten years ago the average cost of a new ambulance fully equipped was around $50,000. Today the cost of a new ambulance fully equipped ranges from $150,000 to $200,000.

The advances in training, specialized emergency medical equipment, and custom built ambulances, has caused the expenses of providing ambulance service to rise sharply. As a result the cost to the consumer has also risen sharply.

As an alternative to high costs and out of pocket expenses, Bartlesville Ambulance is offering “Primary Care”, a subscription ambulance program that provides unlimited emergency transports and Physician Certified Non-Emergency Transports for one low yearly fee.

To make the program successful, we need the support from everyone in the community. By becoming Primary Care member you will be helping maintain a high quality life-saving ambulance service, while providing you and your family with substantial savings.

Bartlesville Ambulance Provides:

  • 24 Hour, 7 Days a Week Coverage
  • Professionally Trained Emergency Medical Technicians & Paramedics
  • Specialized Emergency Medical Equipment
  • 2-Way Radio Communications with Police, Sheriff, Fire Departments, and Many Hospitals in Oklahoma
  • Local and Long Distance Transporting

Primary Care Membership

Cost of an individual membership is $66.00 per year. Household that consist of two or more people will cost $78.00 per year. Anyone in a 20 mile radius of Bartlesville (all of Washington County) can join. There is no limit on the number of medically necessary transports.